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Absolutely awesome food! sweet & sour chicken was tender, all white meat, the barbecue pork lo mein also awesome, great flavor and the pork was tender unlike some other places where it is very tough, and I love the vegetable egg rolls. My order arrived quickly and it was steaming hot. I cannot wait to order again!


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The food was so quick early and everything was delicious my order was completely correct and they gave me my fortune cookies along with extra fried chips and sweet and sour on the side amazing great prices and great portions we have left overs we loved it!


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I've ordered here multiple times. Good prices, good food, and on time delivery. My only critique would be they don't supply plastic ware, but it's bad for the Earth anyway so no big thing. 10/10 would recommend and I will most definitely be ordering again!


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Simply the best quality, on time delivery and taste! Chow mein for the kiddos, beef & broccoli, orange chicken and egg rolls with two fried shrimp for the wife and I, Mmm....mmm...good! Best part, so much food weve got left overs for tomorrow!


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The food was good. My only issue was they put green bell peppers in everything, including the won ton soup. Had I known bell peppers would have been in everything, I would have asked to not have them. Other than this, I enjoyed the food.

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Never had a problem with delivery, correctness or anything else from this restaurant. I always order the cream cheese wontons and they are amazing. I also regularly order the hot bean curd(kung pao tofu) and its always delicious. I just wish it was actually spicy like they claim but it's not. No worries though I just add chilli paste and it kicks it up a notch. Delivery is always faster than predicted which is awesome.


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Ordered to be delivered at 5:30 and the phone rang at 5:30. Food was good too.

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